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Vacation Home Trash Valet

Owning a vacation home comes with a lot of responsibilities, but one you don’t always think about is the trash. Your renters probably won’t think about it either—not until they have a full trash can they don’t know what to do with. Pack Lite’s valet garbage service helps avoid this issue by making sure neither you nor your residents have to deal with an abundance of trash. Schedule our trash concierge as often as you need it, and let your waste disposal solution be out of sight and out of mind.

Make Life Easy for You and Your Guests

No one wants to worry about the trash while they’re on vacation. That’s why Pack Lite’s trash valet services take the stress and responsibility away from you and your renters. It’s easy, simple, and stress-free; let us do the work of creating a garbage-free rental property. All your guests need to do is place their garbage outside in the designated container, and we’ll handle the rest. With our dependable valet waste services, your guests can enjoy their trip—and you can enjoy the benefits of owning a clean and beautiful vacation home.

Keep Your Property Looking Great

If trash accumulates in front of or around your property, it can seriously harm your curb appeal. Our valet trash pickup takes care of garbage and keeps your vacation home beautiful, clean, and clutter-free. Whether you’re making your guests’ stay more comfortable or creating a solid first impression on new visitors, trash pickup is an important part of creating a clean and welcoming atmosphere for your vacation property.

Customize Your Service

The team at Pack Lite offers weekly, monthly, or seasonal trash valet services. This helps you only pay for the services you need based on how often you or your guests use the property. Learn more about our valet waste services when you contact us today.